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Our History
We are the South Limington Free Baptist Church. We are in South Limington at the intersection of route 117 and Moody Road. The church was organized in 1833. The original church building was built in 1841. On Sunday morning in May 1959 the unthinkable happen. The church was destroyed by fire. The flames pour from the windows of the 118-year-old church which burnt to the ground. The congregation pulled together to raise money to rebuild the church. Many items were donated to the church for rebuilding and to restock new supplies from area churches. The new church was rededicated in June 25, 1961.

When 1981 arrived, it was oblivious that the Sunday School facilities were no longer adequate. A new addition was built onto church the foundation was completed on September 20,1981. The new addition was dedicated on October 25, 1987 naming it the New Christian Education Building with the inscription: “Dedicated to God for the education of his children”.

Our services and outreach programs
If you are looking for a bible teaching country church where you are welcomed with smiles and Christian love. We would love for you to stop in and join us in worship and fellowship. Our desire is to learn and follow god’s word according to the teachings in the bible. Our church service is centered around hymns and learning about god’s word in the bible and of god’s promises. Our Sunday service begins at 10 a.m. We hold our weekly bible discussions on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. We also believe in the power of prayer and have a prayer chain. Once a month we get together for Christian fellowship after the service for a friendship luncheon. We would love to share with you the news of God’s wonderous and abiding love.

The South Limington Church encourages youth participation and we implemented a junior deacon fellowship. We believe in helping our community, shut ins, host monthly bean suppers, as well as a community harvest supper and love supper. We support our community in need with home missions and we support our missionaries. We deliver holiday baskets to the needy and help support children during the Christmas season. Hats and mittens are made throughout the year by members and graciously handed out to whomever is in need for them.

We support a quilting group which blesses new babies with quilts and they also made dresses for the “Dress a Girl Around the World” sponsored by Women’s International.

We also support our graduating seniors with a scholarship program.

Our church has been blessed to supported by many pastors throughout its years. We are now led by Pastor Will Rankin. We are a bible teaching church.
We gladly invite you to stop and join us for worship.